All spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés, and domestic partners are invited to join the WPC. Our community will support you through the Wharton transition, plan exciting events, help you find local resources for your job hunt, and educate you about alternatives to working during your time in Philadelphia.

The WPC is dedicated to helping all partners acclimate to life at Wharton, including those with children- kids are welcome to attend many partner events. For more specialized resources, families are also encouraged to join the Wharton Kids Club, which offers great activities like play groups, family outings and parents’ nights out.

Integrate into Wharton

Talk of treks, GIPs, clusters, cohorts, learning teams, and FRP can make it seem like your partner is suddenly speaking another language. The WPC helps you demystify life at Wharton and navigate all of the resources available to you as a partner.

 If you have questions about what to expect as a Wharton Partner, need help identifying neighborhoods and places to live that will be best for you, or are curious about partner life please contact the WPC Board and we will connect you with a current partner who can help!

Becoming a Member

Official membership for the Wharton Partners Club and Wharton Kids Club add-on will open via CampusGroups after ClubPub in the fall. In the meantime, we hope to see you at Welcome Weekend! Follow the Wharton Partners Club on Instagram or join our WPC Facebook Group for all of the latest updates.