Let us be the first to welcome you to Wharton!

Starting this new chapter in your life is exciting, but can also bring a lot of questions and worries – which is why the WPC is here to extend a warm welcome and offer you a tight-knit support group. Whether you’re moving permanently to Philadelphia or visiting as frequently as possible, WPC offers activities and resources to partners across a wide variety of diverse cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds. 

As one of the most active business school partner clubs in the country, we organize monthly social, cultural and volunteer activities for our members, and hope you will get involved! 

We hope to see you at Welcome Weekend!

Spring Welcome Weekend
April 20-22, 2018


Life as a Wharton Partner

The WPC organizes several social, philanthropic, cultural, and family-oriented activities a month. The club tours local museums, sets up events with local organizations, plans happy hours in Center City, organizes spa nights and brewery tours, hosts holiday parties, and puts together small group dinners to help you survive finals week, and more!